EMX is formed by a local team of investment professionals with a global view and a solid track record.

EMX believes that partnership with management is the cornerstone of a successful investment strategy, therefore it seeks to align its investment goals with the goals of managers and partners in every one of its portfolio companies.

What is
private equity?

Private equity refers to the business of administering and allocating capital mainly from institutions and endowments for the purpose of investing and acquiring ownership in companies.

These funds are managed by a team of experienced investments professionals who participate in the companies they invest in by selecting senior management and through the Board of Directors and different Executive Committees.

A key metric for sizing private equity investments is EBITDA (earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization) which is generally a good proxy for the cash generation of companies. When private equity firm invests in a company, they work together with the company's management in order to significantly increase EBITDA, organically and by performing add-on acquisitions.

Private equity investments are of medium term nature, they must be divested after three to five years in order to return cash to its original investors.

Are you selling
your company?

At EMX Capital we are in the business of acquiring companies. We are agile buyers and will respond quickly and discreetly with an assessment and a degree of interest.

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Looking to
raise capital?

At EMX Capital we look to invest in talented managers, we seek to invest in leading firms to capture unique growth opportunities.

At EMX we invest much more than financial resources, we invest our commitment to develop and expand our portfolio companies. From new clients to new sourcing alternatives. From compensation committees to independent board members. From contacts with entrepreneurs and business owners to ultimately potential acquirers. At EMX we are confident we can jointly transform a regional company into an international player, we have done it before.

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